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How to Contact Facebook Phone Number? {Multiple Ways}

Facebook’s contact number is in the search. People want to get direct help, and nothing could be better than phoning Facebook to seek quick, relevant help. To make a connection with Facebook, there are other most-used options. You can try them out if you find it difficult to connect via Facebook phone number.

Facebook support is a robust arrangement made by Facebook to help users with their doubts about their accounts.

For users to contact Facebook, there are phone numbers: 650-543-4800 and 650-308-7300. Dial to connect with experts and speak with a live person on Facebook.

How To Contact Facebook Phone Number To Talk To A Person

People face issues on their Facebook accounts due to mistakes or outside influence. However, you can always tackle the situation when you know how to contact Facebook Phone Number.

Although there are many choices, such as Live chat, email, contact forms, and more, getting help with a Phone number is something all want at their worst experience with Facebook. And the reason is simple – phone support is a quick option to handle the situation.

You will likely get a response from the other side when you dial the number.

To talk to a Facebook person, consider dialing 650-543-4800 and 650-308-7300.

Importance Of Facebook Phone Number

The most significant advantage of a Facebook phone number is that it saves lots of time, which usually goes to waste when choosing other options to contact Facebook customer service. With phone support, open your phone, enter 650-543-4800 and 650-308-7300, and find yourself connected soon.

Another thing: Facebook phone support requires less effort than any other assistance mode. You do not have to explain things by writing them out. Instead, speak up about your concern before a live Facebook representative.

Does Facebook Have 24/7 Customer Service Number

Facebook provides its phone support for 24 hours. No matter what time you face a problem with your account, you can connect with Facebook customer support right after dialling their given contact numbers: 650-543-4800 and 650-308-7300

The expert will judge the situation and provide you with a relevant guide.

Remember to keep the details of your issue with you while contacting Facebook. This is needed not to panic at the last moment.

Can I Call FB Customer Service?

The answer is Yes; you can call FB customer service if you are a Facebook user. The Facebook number is for every user who finds difficulty in his account.

You might sometimes face difficulty due to the rush; however, if you keep trying, you will get through it.

What Other Options Are Available To Contact Facebook Support – 

Besides numbers, there are different options Facebook provides its users to find it easy to contact its customer service.

It includes email, social media accounts, online live chat, direct contact forms, a help center, etc.

Below is a detailed discussion of all the options:

Email: Facebook Email support is widespread to various issue-specific emails that are used to report your complaint for your misleading account activities. The official email for Facebook is support

The list of other emails that you can use for the worst times on Facebook is as follows:

  • Account recovery:
  • Appeal for account:
  • Report scam/phishing:
  • Law enforcement:
  • Press/media inquiries:
  • Contact Mark Zuckerberg: or
  • Financial issues (Ads):

Help Center: The Help Center is where solutions are given in article form. You can visit the help center page by tapping profile on your account, choosing help & support, and then clicking help center. On the help centre page, you have the option to search for your query by entering a query in the search bar. Also, you can choose from the given categories. For instance, account settings, login and password, and so on.

As you tap the category, you will find various solution guides for the query popping up. Choose and apply solutions.

Live Chat (for business page only): If you want to convey your message to Facebook team through texts, you have the live chat option. It is for those who have business pages on Facebook. Connecting with live chat provides instant solution, as you are connected with live experts one-on-one. You can discuss ad query, and even share your screen with them. This is a wonderful choice to get help for your business account query.

Direct Contact Forms: Direct Form is a sure method where you are likely to get a response when you put your query. Here are some of the direct contact forms:

  1. Account Help:
    • Personal account disabled: Link
    • Advertising account disabled: Link
  1. Page and Content Issues:
    • Lost access to Facebook Page: Link
    • Missing content after reactivating your account: Link
    • Report a “Page Unavailable” error: Link
  1. Payments and Donations:
    • Trouble with payments, including donations and game purchases: Link
  1. Account Creation:
    • Email address already taken during sign-up: Link
  1. User Safety and Reporting:
    • Report a user as deceased or medically incapacitated: Link
    • Report underage child on Facebook: Link
    • Report a convicted sex offender on Facebook: Link
    • Report a violation of your or your child’s privacy: Link
  1. Intellectual Property:
    • Report an infringement of your copyright: Link
    • Report an infringement of your trademark: Link
  1. Other Support:
    • Request information from a deceased person’s account: Link
    • Give feedback about a Facebook product or feature: Link
    • Get support for fundraisers or donations: Link
    • If you’re a developer who needs to report a bug: Link
    • If your group or event is unavailable: Link
    • If your videos are disappearing: Link

Final Words

Getting Facebook assistance is crucial, and you should know how to find it for your query. Many people search How to Contact Facebook Phone Number. You can contact phone by dialing its official numbers: 650-543-4800 and 650-308-7300. Other than that, choose live chat, email, contact forms, and more options to ensure help.


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