Use these troubleshooting tips to unlock your yahoo account:

No one wants to face a situation when their yahoo account gets locked. It is the most terrifying situation for every user. But despite taking several precautions sometimes a yahoo account gets locked The user has no idea about why their account gets locked? After a lot of research, we have made a list of reasons due to which a yahoo account gets locked.

While creating an account on yahoo, we accept some rules and regulations. Hence the yahoo users need to follow them strictly. If yahoo found any user not following these rules then they will block your account. Apart from this, our yahoo account also gets locked when we enter the wrong password. If I forget my password then I would prefer to change the password to unlock my yahoo account. Instead of this, most of the users knowingly enter the wrong password and deliberately lock their accounts.

Furthermore, yahoo has defined certain limits to send and receive emails. If I try to send an email exceeding the limit, then I will be locked out of my Yahoo account. Hence, yahoo customer executives also advise users to send emails of less than 25 MB. This is enough of a limit to send official emails. Further, if you want to send an email more than this limit then we suggest you send it in parts.

How do I unlock my Yahoo mail account?

In general scenarios, users can automatically access their yahoo mail account after 12 hours. But sometimes this long-duration creates problems when we have to send an urgent mail. We want that you do not face this type of situation with yahoo. So, you can take the help of a sign-in helper to log in to your account immediately. The sign-in helper consists of 7 easy steps that you can follow either on mobile or laptop. Let us learn those easy steps that a sign in helper include to unlock my yahoo account.

  • First of all, go to the Yahoo help forum page on the Yahoo website. You will get multiple options here, like to change passwords, security options, and many more.
  • Select the “Account locked” option from the list available. After this, you will get to see the sign-in helper option on the screen.
  • Click on the “sign-in helper” option and then enter the correct registered email id and password.
  • If users do not have their registered details then they can also enter recovery email id and phone number. Make sure that the detail you are entering is available with you. You will get a security confirmation code on this email id or phone number.
  • Now enter the received code in the space given on the next step.
  • Click on the “Submit” button after entering the code.
  • Now you can access your account immediately.
  • Once you follow the above process, you will also get an option to change the old password. Moreover, we would also advise our customers to change the password after yahoo unlock account. This will protect your account from getting hacked by the hackers.

If you are still facing any issue to unlock the yahoo account then you can take the help of the yahoo team experts. They will not only help you to unlock the account but will also tell you the latest tricks to avoid this situation in the future.


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