Want to Transfer Money from Apple Pay to Cash App?

We used to struggle a lot whenever it comes to a money transaction issue. For instance, we have to go to the bank. Also,be in line for hours, confusion about the elaborate procedure is such a boring task.We always have thought that there would be so much peace in life if we can do our banking transactions remaining in the comfort of our home. That would be so easy without going to the banks.Now it is possibleand seems like a dream come true.In this blog, we will be focusing light on the topic-how to transfer money from Apple Pay to Cash App.So, without any further delay,let us gather some information about the applications first then to move to the process.

Moreover, let’s get a quick review of apple pay and cash app before following the procedure of money transfer from apple pay to cash app and cash app to apple pay.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a mobile payment solution based on Near Field Communication (NFC) technology that was released alongside the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in September 2014. The service launched with a few hundred thousand point of sale (POS). The locations supporting the service and has grown to a service that is supported by more than two million retail locations in many countries.

Cash App

Among the online transaction applications, Cash App, by the Square is a peer to peer banking app. Here you can send money on Cash Appto your family and friends without needing to have cash on hand or even be in the same room or get money offCash App to your offline bank account. Therefore, you just have to link an active account to this app.

The process to transfer money from Apple App to Cash App and from Cash App to Apple App

Furthermore, let us highlight the process now.First of all, the process to send the money from Apple Pay to Cash App is having two ways. The first one is through Cash Card and the second one through Apple wallet.

The method to transfer money from Apple App to Cash App:(Cash Card method)

  1. Open Cash App on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Tap on the Cash Card, then select the image of your Cash Card. Tap on the menu option that reads "Add to Apple Pay."
  3. On the next page, follow the directions as they appear on your screen. On the final screen, it will confirm your Cash Card was added to Apple Pay. Then hit "Done" located at the bottom of your screen.

The method to transfer money from Apple App to Cash App:(Apple wallet method)

  1. Unlock your iPhone and open Apple Wallet.
  2. In the Apple Wallet, tap the + symbol located on the top-right corner of the screen. On the next step, tap "Credit or Debit Card" and snap a picture of your Cash Card. If you do not have the card with you, enter the card's numbers manually on the touchpad and follow the rest of the steps to finish the setup.
  3. Back on the Apple Wallet home screen, your Cash Card will appear, and you can view the card to verify that it was successfully added.


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