Does your Amazon prime delivery come late?

People have been buying products online for a while now. Amazon is one of the best e-commerce service providers. They have been involved in servicing in many countries all over the world. But, still you as a consumer can get issues as there is a proverb as accidents and mistakes happen. There might be instance that your order comes late and or it arrives broken, defective, or with parts missing. In such case, you have to be in contact with the Amazon’s customer service department or you will try to speak to someone at Amazon.

What could be the possible events?

 There is a biggest sale, especially on a holiday. People feel more excited than normal while they get huge discounts on their purchases. Whether it is a television or the phone, they get best of the deals.

However, it can be easy for Amazon orders to get lost and/or not arrive on time during busy periods. If your order comes late, you can contact Amazon and state that your transaction did not arrive on time. Only try to be nice about it, and you may be delighted by what Amazon has to offer in return.

While Amazon doesn't do anything to help the Amazon Prime late delivery reimbursement policy, it's really a decent one. In years gone by, any Amazon Prime customer who did not get a delivery within two days of a two-day order, or within the period specified by Amazon, will qualify for one free month of Amazon Prime.

The free month was usually tagged at the end of the year, so the end dates of the subscribers are extended by one month.

However, in case you have in mind the Amazon should refund the shipping fees. You should speak to a amazon representative and get the best information for your issues.

Bear in mind that some internet users reported much better rewards in exchange for late delivery of the Amazon Prime. Several posters stated that the e-tailer offered a gift card to any product on the web, a 20 % discount on Amazon Prime membership, or other deals.

It's not clear exactly what prompts Amazon to offer one deal over another, because it may have anything to do with the time of year, and whether or not you complained about it.

To contact Amazon, it's easiest to use the Contact Us page of the company. As consumers get to that tab, they can see the possibility of either chatting with a customer support who can answer simple questions or guide users to the right location to fix their problems.

The page also suggests the option to asking Amazon to call them. Besides, you can have your own time in which the company representative should call you.

How can I speak to someone at Amazon?

It's crazy how many customers want to call the Amazon Customer Support phone number or talk every day about order or account-related problems. If you're trying to talk to a live person at amazon, it could be a challenge. We're here to help you out. Follow our steps below to speak to a real human and a live customer service agent from

Dial 1800 3000 9009 and go to an automatic voice message system. Click 0 and you will be on hold to chat to’s live customer service representative. You may have got a 4 minute wait period.

When it's time to speak to a customer service agent, the procedure is a little bit quick. Customers merely confirm that they have ordered a product and that it has not arrived. Amazon's customer support will check, immediately decide that the shipment has not delivered and, in most cases, instantly enable the Amazon Prime's free month of service.

But, as already described, some users were lucky enough to get more than a free month of Prime, so it's a good idea for consumers to push back a little and clarify.

In conclusion

Amazon has earned the value for its ultra-fast delivery, but even the world's largest internet retailer might have issues from time to time. But how do you stop late delivery of the Amazon Prime? People pay for the Amazon prime. In case it comes late and it is hard to cop up with late delivery. In such case, you can prefer to speak to someone at Amazon


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