How To Delete Facebook Page?

How To Delete Facebook Page?

The Facebook page represents your identity, whether it is for personal perspectives, or for business Goals. A well-organized Facebook page leverages your online presence by offering you a unique identity. Apart from it, some users don't want to go ahead with their Facebook business page due to certain reasons. Are you too among those people who don't want their page anymore? This short description is going to be very interesting for you. Here, you will know how to delete a Facebook page, also the steps to publish & unpublish the same.

To delete your page, you need to be an admin of that page. If you are admin, then go ahead following steps given below:

1-At the top of the page, click, "settings"

2- There from General, click remove the page.

3- After that hitting delete ( page name)

4- Then click the delete page, & then click OK.

It's simple.

Once you delete your Facebook page, it is deleted on a temporary basis till 14 days. In between this time period, you can cancel the deletion of your page. For cancellation of page,

  • Move to your page
  • Hit option, cancel deletion seen at the uppermost section of your page
  • Then hit confirm, and then ok.

Apart from deletion,  there is a second option for you that is publishing your page.

Difference between Published and Unpublished Pages

The pages that are published are visible to the public, however, unpublished pages are seen only by people who are managing pages. Even people who like your page won't see your unpublished page.

To unpublish  your page anytime follow the steps below:

  • Go the settings at the uppermost section of your page
  • Go to page visibility option available in general
  • Now hit choose page unpublished
  • Finally, hit save changes

To publish a page,  you have to follow the same steps above, and then choose the options page published.





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