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Facebook can be a nice example of growing technology as it entertains many users unlimitedly in day-to-day life.Being a technical application, a couple of times Facebook Not Working due to unknown error issue. Server down problem, network connectivity issue could be the main reason for its appearance. Once your Facebook stop working, you will not be able to access any of its features as well as avail its services. That’s why, it is very necessary to fix the issue sooner.

Facebook Not Loading problem can be faced if you are using an outdated version of browser in your system device. Therefore, first analyzes the issue with your browser as well as system both. Through the blog below, you will be able to get the right kind of solution to your hurdles in no time.

Issues with Facebook not working on its system could be the result of the wrong configuration on your system. Some issues may appear to cause Facebook Images Not Loading. Thereafter you should follow all the methods to solve the problems on your system. Before you initiate from troubleshooting your hurdles, you should find out the reasons behind the arrival of the problems. 

The reason for the occurrence of the issue is given below in the points; you need to follow the steps carefully without any failure.

Why is Facebook not working on my phone?

  • Slow network connection of the device- To achieve the proper working goal of Facebook, the internet configuration of the network should be good. It is recommended that proper and stable internet connections are connected to the devices. Therefore, your application can work smoothly and give better performance.
  • Update your application after a certain period of time- the older version of the application could also create the interruption result of which Facebook not working properly. Hence, you need to update your older version from the newer version of the application.
  • Check for the maximum space of the memory- minimum space of the memory of your device causes the corruption of your application. Resultant of which you cannot run the application smoothly in your device. So you should delete the unwanted files and data from the device that are installed.
  • Check for desired data in the facebook storage – Delete the data from the facebook storage which is not required in the future as those data capture unwanted space in the memory. That’s why, it is better to delete all unnecessary data from the application.

Why is FB not working?

There may be various reasons behind which the Facebook Not Working,some of the major reasons is given below:

  • Clear Cache Files From Browser- Sometimes it is noticed that browser on which Facebook is running having a storage of unwanted files due to which Facebook is not working. Therefore, it is highly required to first clear all the cache files or data you’re your web browser and delete the web history as well. Unless your browser is clean &clear, your FB application doesn’t stop misbehaving. And sometimes it is seen that applications get freezes.
  • Set the time and location properly- the incorrect time set in the application and the location of the device causes the FB not to work properly. By incorrect locations, the applications get confused and could not deliver the desired result.
  • Reset the device- You should reset the device because sometimes due to viruses the device gets infected. The virus on the device starts corrupting the device slowly as a result of which the application gets freeze and not responding to the users.
  • Delete third party application- you should delete all the third party applications installed in your device to improve the device operation.

By using these troubleshooting methods, you will be able to get the right solution to your problems. Moreover, you can have a glance at our website for more information and updates.


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