Hackers Changed Your Email Or Phone! Get Facebook Account Hacked Back

Sometimes, hackers and intruders steal your Facebook account and change personal information like your email address or phone number. However, you don’t need to worry at all as you can get Facebook Account Hacked back without any trouble.There are various ways including security questions, trusted contacts, identity proof, and many more to recover your account. By referring to the blog below, you will get the solution to your problems with ease.

How Do Facebook Accounts Get Hacked?

Has your Facebook account hacked? Don’t need to worry at all as it is one of the most common queries that users might come across. It usually happens if you share your personal information with anyone you don’t even know. However, you might also face the same problems just because of the poor security of your Facebook account. Maybe you are not using any security features to add an extra layer of security and to avoid hacking problems.

Can You Retrieve A Hacked Facebook Account?

Here Are The Steps That You Will Have To Go Through Carefully IfaHacker Changed Your Email Address:

  • If the hacker didn’t only hack your account but also changed your associated email address, you can still recover your account. What you need to do is to go through the following steps to recover Facebook Hacked Account.
  • Firstly, go to the ‘Forgot Password’ option from the official sign up page of Facebook.
  • Here, you should enter your email address/ username/ phone number and letFacebook search your profile.
  • After locating your Facebook profile, just click on it and you will come across to a passwordreset page.
  • If you don’t have access to your secondary email address, you should enter your registered phone number.
  • Here, Facebook will send you a verification code to your phone number. Once you receive it, you have to enter that code in the given box to confirm your identity. 
  • Now, you will have to create a password for your Facebook account.

For testing purposes, you should try using the newly created password to access to your Facebook account.  

If Hacker Changed Your Phone Number:

  • You need to follow the same steps as above until Facebook asks you to choose a recovery method.
  • Here, you need to enter your email address to get a verification code that you have to enter it.
  • Now, you can set up a new password to your Facebook account that will allow you to access it.

Alternatively, you can also get your account back by answering the security questions. Moreover, you can also get it back by getting help from your trusted contacts. 

Can Someone Hack Your Facebook Without Knowing Your Password?

There is nothing stable in today’s world and the same goes with Facebook too. There are various ways that will allow the hackers to hack your account without even knowing your Facebook password. However, if someone hacked your account, you can easily get your Facebook Account Hackedback using the above instructions.


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