Contact Amazon if you have issue with your Fire TV Stick streaming

The Fire TV Stick is the streaming service form the technological behemoth - Amazon. It enables the users to watch the TV series, movies, view pictures and much more. Besides, a user can utilize this device to port his/her content from one location to another. This device operates fairly well, but there are few instances when it can ditch you and cause problems. In such situations, you can have amazon live chat to get the solution earliest possible.

There is a list of most common problems people experience with their Fire stick. It includes app related glitches, freezes, audio or visual issues, blank screen, and so on. Any of these problems can be solved by simply restarting the Amazon Firestick. It's also a solution for most common problems, and it allows you to pull out a power cord and plug it back in to make things work properly.

Keep a check on internet connection

If your Firestick is continually offline and just doesn't stay attached, it may be a matter of poor internet access, power loss, and password malfunction. In case you feel like there could be a password problem, you need to make sure that your Wi-Fi password and your Amazon main account password are different. If this is not the problem, you ought to check if there is some interference between the Wi-Fi signal and the Amazon Firestick system, which could also require any physical obstruction.

Besides, you can sometimes notice that your Fire Stick is not working. You will either see a blank screen, problems with streaming video.

Irrespective of the problem, there are many ways to repair it when your Amazon Fire Stick doesn't fit.

Nevertheless, you have tried manual resolution and are still not able to seek the appropriate solution. You can opt to contact the Amazon and can get a solution according to issue.


How do I contact amazon by chat?

Amazon has been quite focused on its services, and its dedicated support is one of the finest in the industry. In case, you have issue with a service from Amazon. Opt for the expert help from the amazon chat support.

Follow the steps to report your issue during a live chat on Amazon website.

  1. Go to your account by login-in using your credentials.
  2. Scroll to the bottom section and click on the Help at right.
  3. You get many options which you can prefer to make changes to your account and other services.
  4. Else, scroll down and hover on the “Need more help” under the browse help topics.
  5. You get the “Contact us” option.
  6. Once you click on the same, the page offers you multiple options all under the range of Amazon services.
  7. Choose Prime membership
  8. You get the drop down list under the Tell us more
  9. Pick the Device- Fire Stick and then, Fire TV Device respectively
  10. You will get a list of issues, Select the relevant and proceed
  11. A window provides you multiple options under the “Did you know?” to explore the issue
  12. Else, you can opt to contact with the Amazon via phone or chat.
  13. Once you click on the chat, a separate chat window will expand and you can easily sort out your issues with someone from Amazon.

In conclusion

Amazon representative goes through certain detail about the product and service. Once confirmed, you can elaborate your issue while having Amazon live chat. If they have the fix to the issue, they immediate provide the same.  Else they register the issue and suggest you to wait for some time.


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